Motors for KLA-Tencor/Prometrix Systems

Currently stocking Motors for KLA-Tencor and Prometrix systems. All listings below are used & tested unless marked as new, come with a 90-day warranty and are subject to availability. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

KLA PN KLA-Tencor-
Model Manufacturer DescriptionWorks with Pic
    32228264 Telcom Motor Assembly FT-Series
    MC61FS-62007 Superior Electric Synchronous Stepping Motor SFS4500/5500
    M061-LS08 Superior Electric Synchronous Stepping Motor - Trolley SFS4500/5500
    15/3 - 1670:1 MiniMotor SA Motor Assembly - Swiss made  
    C11 213 E 5 ESCAP Motor Assembly - 64:1  
    M 11 207 0 ESCAP Motor Assembly - 18,6:1  
    21 216E B120X 5 ESCAP Motor Assembly AS200/250
    22CF 90 208V 1 ESCAP Motor Assembly  
    22B2464:1 ESCAP Motor Assembly Swiss made
  034371 K24.0 ESCAP Scan Motor – 2048:1 Swiss - Assembly AS-200
730-401243-00   L92421-P1 AIRPAX Motor 5 VDC  
    4023-819 Applied Motion Stepping Motor 5.1 Volts / 1.0 Amp  
    5023-333 Applied Motion Motor Assembly DC5.1V 1.0A  
  55-0300   Buhler Motor Assembly - DC 18V  
    3540K012C Faulhaber Schonaich Motor Assembly  
    3540K012C Micro MO Electronics Motor Assembly  
730-450138-00   P21NSXA-LDN-NS-02 Pacific Scientific Powermax II Motor assembly  
  52-0272   Prometrix Z Motor Assembly UV-1050/1250/1280
  222496   Prometrix Motor Assembly P-XX
  52-0269   Prometrix Motor Assembly, X -Drive UV-1050/1250/1280
  52-0284 PH265M-31 Prometrix Vexta Motor - 6 VDC, .85A Prometrix UV
  52-0268   Prometrix Y Motor Assembly UV-1050/1250/1280
  52-0240   Prometrix Motor Assembly, Theta Stage FT-Series
  52-0243 42328471 Prometrix Motor Assembly, Z Stage  
  52-0237   Prometrix Motor Assembly  
    3222B264-R2 Prometrix Brushless DC servomotor – X-Motor FT-Series
740-713361-00   H2HNRFB-TNN-NS-00 Sigma Stage Flip Motor  
  52-0282 PX243G-01B Vextra Motor Assembly UV-1050/1250/1280
    PXC43-01BA Vexta Vexta Stepping Motor 2-Phase FT-Series
    PX244M-02AA Vexta Stepping Motor 2-Phase, DC 6V DC 0.8A FT-Series
    PH268-05B Vexta Vexta Stepping Motor 2-Phase FT-Series
    PH265M-31B-C10 Vexta Vexta Stepping Motor 2-Phase FT-Series
730-401952-00 401952 PH265-05B Vexta Vexta Stepping Motor FT-Series
    PH265M-31 Vextra Stepping Motor 2-Phase DC6 .85A