Systems Serviced

We provide support for KLA-Tencor-Prometrix systems.
  Our service offerings are focused on:

  • High resolution & standard surface profilers
  • Wafer inspection equipment
  • Resistivity measuring & mapping systems

Supported Models

  • SurfScan Wafer Inspection Systems Series - 4500, 5000, 5500, 6100, 6200, 6220, 6400, 6420
  • Tencor P-Series Profilers P-1, P-2, P-6, P-10, P-11, P-12,P-20, P-22
  • Tencor Alpha-Step Series Profilers AS-200, AS-250, AS-300, AS-500
  • Prometrix RS Series RS-35, RS-55, RS-75
  • Prometrix FT Series FT-500, FT-600, FT-750 <-- Currenty providing parts only

Method of Support

Telephone diagnosis and troubleshooting is initiated by the customer’s call.The level of involvement is determined by mutual agreement with the engineer and by the customer’s technical ability. If the engineer feels the problem may be diagnosed over the phone, he will spend whatever time is required. Running specialized diagnostic programs or analysis may be necessary. Normally, the problem is localized to a board or module and a part is sent to the customer for trial. If an on-site visit is requested by the customer or determined necessary by the engineer, it is promptly accomplished. All major parts and assemblies are maintained in stock for exchange purposes.

Response Time

The following discussion is based on our past performance, and is an accurate guide to our future performance although it may vary based on current workload and availability of parts.

  • Telephone assistance and diagnosis begins the day the customer’s call is received
  • If the system is not functional and a part is required, it is shipped the same day the diagnosis is made. The method of shipment is via overnight delivery
  • If field service is required it is accomplished as soon as possible, generally within three days. Scheduling conflicts are resolved by establishing priority based on the following order: warranty, service contract and billable
  • Whether the system is operational or not, as well as each customer’s particular situation is taken into account. Generally a non-operational system has high priority

Service Contract

A service contract is available for continued coverage after the system warranty period expires. A quotation is automatically mailed two months before this date. Terms of the agreement are described in the enclosed pamphlet.