KLA-Tencor - Surfscan SP1, SP1- TBI Spares

Currently stocking parts for Tencor Surfscan SP-1, SP-1 TBI, SP-1 XP Unpatterned Surface Inspection System.
All Parts are offered with 30-day right to return and subject to availability. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Manufacturer KLA Part# Tencor Part#Description Rev.ConditionWarrantyPic
KLA-Tencor 0059556-000   SP1 TBI Robot Lock Down bracket   New 30-Day
KLA-Tencor     300mm Robot Finger - Bottom   Refurbished 30-Day
KLA-Tencor 0023889-000   Vacuum Chuck - Bottom AD New 30-Day
KLA-Tencor 0052412-001   PCB Assy GPIO, SP1 AA New 30-Day
Tencor 0073548-000   PCB Assy, Analog DF, SP1 Config. AA New 30-Day
Tencor   388793 (B) PCB Assy, Analog, SP1-TBI Config AB New 30-Day
Tencor   393690 PCB Assy, BF2 Analog BD, SP1 A New 30-Day
Tencor 0083729-000   PCB Assy, Analog DF, SP1 AA New 30-Day
Tencor 0003569-000 388793 PCB Assy, Analog Board, SP1-TBI AC New 30-Day
Tencor   545406 Shutter Assy, Wafer, SP1-TBI AB New 30-Day
Tencor   358347 Control Assy, Spindle Motor, SP1 N/A New 30-Day
Tencor 0067393-000   Assy, Motor, Collector Spindle, SWE   New 30-Day
Tencor   526274 Wafer shutter   New 30-Day