KLA-Tencor/Prometrix - Surfscan-6xx0 Spare Parts

We stock spare parts for Surfscan 6100 | 6200 | 6220 | 6400 | 6420 Wafer Inspection Systems. All Parts are subject to availability. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.  Surfscan Laser Info and Listings.

ManufacturerPart#DescriptionWorks with ConditionWarrantyPic
Tencor   Wafer Sensor Micro Switch SFS-6xx0 Used & Tested 90-Day
Tencor   Alignment Cage Ring SFS-6xx0 Used & Tested 90-Day
Vexta D9CL-9.5A Vexta Clean Damper SFS-6xx0 New 90-Day
KLA-Tencor 2030962 486 33MHz Intel CPU PCB - sticker SFS-6xx0 Used & Tested 90-Day
Tencor USL37544S PCB Assembly, CPU, Pentium 75 SFS-6xx0 Used & Tested 90-Day
Condor HCBB105W-A DC Power supply - Rear View SFS-6xx0 Used & Tested 90-Day
KLA-Tencor 165506 PMT Analog PCB Interface Cable Assy. SFS-6200 New 90-Day
Elco P50E-12 Power Supply 12V DC - Top View SFS-6200 Used & Tested 90-Day
Fluoroware   Locator piece, FL 182/150mm, 6 inch SFS-6xx0 New 90-Day
Fluoroware   Locator piece, FL 192/200mm, 8 inch SFS-6xx0 New 90-Day
Tencor 162744 Field Mirror SFS-6200 New 90-Day
Tencor 505161 Blower box Assembly Surfscan AIT 2 Used & Tested 90-Day
Tencor 228192 Silicon Reflector Strip Assy SFS-62x0 New 90-Day
Tencor 157473 12V DC Vacuum solenoid Assembly   Used & Tested 90-Day
Tencor 157228 Sensor Assembly - HomeOpto Switch - Call SFS-6xx0 New 90-Day